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How& Where Do You Find Adequate Help For OCD.

Much time may go by before a person looks for or receives appropriate help. But there is no time like today to look for a professional who will be able to guide you and help you deal with your OCD. Seeing this professional is important to assure you will be properly diagnosed so you can be helped efficiently.
So now that you have decided you want this help that is available to you, you might not be quite sure how to do this. So let's get started.

Start By Finding Professionals You Could Contact.

This is where it all starts, by finding a person who is preferably knowledgeable on OCD. You can start by contacting a local group of psychologists or organizations, such as the OCFoundation, which will be able to help you with finding a psychologist. Your Government should also be able to provide you with some information on Mental Health Care Organizations. An other resource is the department of Psychiatry or the department of Psychology at Universities, if they don't have the people who are knowledgeable then they are likely able to recommend you someone who is.

This is a list of Addresses and #'s of some psychologists/psychiatrists that specialize in treating OCD and Sites that will help you to find someone in your State ( US only.).
Several of these sites allow you to do searches by area code or location.
This is a list of Associations/Organizations that are all about Mental Health and more specifically 1's for OCD.

Inquire About Their Experience and Skills.

If you now have someone to contact, make sure they are knowledgeable on OCD. While this isn't crucial, this will make things easier for everyone.
So how do you know if they are familiar with OCD? Ask them, don't be hesitant to inquire about what they can and can't do.
This is your happiness you are dealing with so take it seriously.

Equally important is to ask what type of therapy they are trained at, since CBT is showing to have the best results it would be worth trying this approach first.
In all Professional Mental Health Care Providers come with different licenses which means they have different skills and authorities. But while it would be thoughtless to see someone without a degree it would be foolish to merely judge the person for the degree they do have. The higher the education doesn't mean the better their skill, if only it was as straight forward.
Read more on the different types of Therapy for OCD.

Look Into the Financial Side of Getting Help.

If you know you won't be able to afford seeing someone you will have to look into how much your insurance will cover for you and for how long. You could also try and discus this with the person you will be seeing, but knowing what your insurance will and won't re- emburse is handy information.

Go To Your Appointment!

Now all you must do is go to your appointment. This might seem to be the most difficult part but really it isn't. You are finally going to talk to someone who will understand you, who won't judge and most importantly who is there to help you. All you have to do now is ask for help and accept their help.
Read more on what going to see a Mental Health Professional may imply.

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